• ...nothing to be puzzled about: the phone gets you BLE AND Wifi: BLE to talk to the Espruino BLE boards and Wifi to go to the internet or your local Wifi LAN. With Wifi you get www and your locally connected computers. With that you get what you need from there and them, such as the flashing software and the flash images / binaries / etc... You don't even need to create a (S)FTP or Web server on your computer. Push comes to shove, email does it (most of the time if email provider is not shooting you in the foot because of data / intrusion security).

    The phone was born as airtime voice phone only - but that's a while ago. Today, many apps now also use voice over IP, even the phones Phone app itself, and apps suich as What's up. Being connected to a Wifi (hotspot) LAN (that allows that), no need to have a phone (air and data) plan.

    Not grasping the 'WiFi' solution through all the 'BLE' fog.

    ...neither did most of the classic computers and operating systems... until recently. The phones got it first, that's why they supported upload / flash tools first...

    But: Well... I may be fogged as well... or not-so-well... weather has changed out here in the West since the holiday season began. Clear and blue is gone...

  • I have had luck side-loading .apk files from Windows to an Android tablet, so I gather the concept for both the install of nRF-Toolkit.exe and espruinoxxxxx.zip would be similar? e.g. use the desktop to acquire both those files over the Internet, and through magic I've yet to discover, beam those files to the smart phone, (won't be eMail as WiFi would be needed, e.g. a plan - micro USB perhaps?) and then perform the install, move the .zip into that apps file space and re-flash at that point? It would be much nicer to have the WebIDE Windows option active again.

    Correct me if my understanding is flawed, but doesn't the WiFi use of a smart phone require a SIM card, and now I recall there are low cost SIM options there also. I've heard other's purchasing second hand smart phones off eBay, but then get stung with the SIM card issue. The generic SIM cards at Target are ~$20, last time (months ago) I checked, piggy-backed on a plan, month-to-month being the shortest. If a SIM card is required, then might as well fetch directly and bypass the PC. Still not convinced what is outlined in pp.1 post #20 will work (micro USB maybe) without activating the smart phone.


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