• Thr 2019.11.28

    ' work for Windows, either via the browser or Native IDE - I believe they did at some point in the past, but not now.'

    Yep. I used the Windows version ~nine months ago to upgrade the same MDBT42Q. Totally surprised when it failed this time.

    'Do you have a tablet?'

    Yes, but even with side-loading still doesn't recognize the device. It is three years old, so maybe BLE wasn't totally supported then.

    'good enough for flashing brand new for around £30, so I doubt they'd be more than $40 in the US - even less if you go second hand.'

    Had considered that option, but . . . , it isn't the cost of the hardware that is the issue, it's the connection plan. Even with a basic one month no commitment accessible discount card, still puts that ~$40 and the hardware ~$40 at a cost to flash one existing board that exceeds purchasing two new MDBT42Q breakout boards direct!

    'Do you know anyone with a smartphone that you can borrow?'
    'What did you do then?'

    It was with a Puck and had to wait until a Holiday when an individual willing to d/l to their device was in town. Amazing how protective individuals are when (even offering a stipend) asking to download an unknown app to program my device on to their phone. In any event, friend in town and got it done with an Apple iPhone. Incidentally, moving the zip file into the workspace of the nRF_toolbox app for the 'choose Distribution Packet' step was an absolute nightmare. Convinced, I'll never need/use (for the monthly fee required) a smart phone for daily use, . . . Espruino testing/ connectivity, maybe.

    Gotta go, there's an eighteen pound turkey waiting to be devoured . . . .


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