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  • Here is the result of my tests with 2 IDEs: WEB IDE 0.72.1 and Espruino Native IDE 0.72.1
    I use the same hardware based on PICO, with the following code:

    I2C3.setup({scl:A8, sda:B4, bitrate:100000});
    const MPU = require("MPU6050").connect(I2C3);
    // 2nd parameter is the fifoRate. The DMP output frequency = 200Hz / (1 + fifoRate)
    const DMP = require("MPU6050_DMP").create(MPU, 3);
    function pidLoop(args) {
      var data = DMP.getData();
      if(data !== undefined) console.log(DMP.getYawPitchRoll(data));
    setWatch(pidLoop, B5, { repeat:true, edge:'rising' });

    We see:

    • 1 - WEB IDE without Minification
      An error LOW_MEMORY

    • 2 - Espruino Native IDE without Minification
      No error, Upload ok, working ok

    • 3 - WEB IDE with Minification (Esprima Offline)
      "TypeError" errors on MPU6050 module but not on MPU6050_DM module whose size is 31561 bytes
      A syntax error ...

    • 4 - Espruino Native IDE with Minification (Esprima Offline)
      No error, Upload ok, the size of the module MPU6050_DM = 17182 bytes
      Operation ok

    It's strange the modules do not have the same size.
    Apparently the 2 IDEs do not use the same modules.


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