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  • Turn off minification. The error on the first screenshot points to prefetchenabled=false in a function signature.
    What version of the IDE you have? I thought the latest IDE can minify all of ES6.

  • Hi AkosLukacs,

    Turn off minification only deletes the message :

    TypeError: Cannot read property 'length' of undefined

    I have Web Ide 0.72.1

    I have also a Espruino IDE Native version 0.69.0 for my MDBT42Q Bluetooth Module.
    I made tests with it on Pico this morning, and COOL ! It works fine ?

    There are some issues with Web Ide 0.72.1

  • Mon 2019.11.18

    Glad you got it working!

    A bit of confusion in #8, so the Pico is working with Native 0.69.0 then?

    Was it the uploading of modules as functions? (ref Gordon's comment link in #9)

    ... or, ...

    upgrading to IDE Native version 0.72.1? (as indicated in #10)

    'There are some issues with Web Ide 0.72.1'

    What specifically is observed with 'some issues'?


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