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  • Has dump() been tried to look for 'undefined' vars? (e.g. is code module loading)

    or try mpu

    Another idea to wrap the code snippet in a try/catch code block to see if errors are occurring that are bubbling up and not caught.

    Take a peek at the WebIDE console output: (the end of the listing)

    WebIDE >> Settings >> Console

    It's possible, but a bit unlikely that upgrading to 2v04 might resolve. (not there yet)

    Was it noticed that the modules require different operational voltages?

    SCL SDA swapped?

    Solid grounding between the Espruino device and the module?

  • Here's the dump()

    dump() var mpu = undefined; I2C1.setup({"scl":B6,"sda":B7}); pinMode(B6, "af_opendrain", true); pinMode(B7, "af_opendrain", true);


    I put the minification off (the second red error message disappears).
    I controlled the wiring well.
    I made tests with firmware 1.97, 2.00, 2.02 & 2.04, without success.
    Attached a copy of the console

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