• @ChristianW, I picked intentionally a bit higher values because you do not want to add additional load on your battery. On the other hand - compared with the power motors consume - current draw is negligible. Important for operating sensitive electronics next to power / servo electronics requires a good 'separation'. The first cars with electronics had two batteries to make sure the power for the controlling electronics is more stable and reliable then the power for driving heavy loads (starter, window motors, etc.). @DrAzzy has quite some experience in - and sells also components for - driving power hungry devices (lights). Search the forum and go to https://www.tindie.com (do see him not that often anymore on the forum, though).

  • @allObjects thanks for the clarification.
    Actually it's not for a motorized vehicle but for a velomobile - a fully faired three wheeled recumbent. Because there is no dynamo you need a battery to power lights, indicators and horn.
    And if that goes down on longer trips you are busted, so I'd like to know how much is left and how much I currently draw.
    Because it is easy to do I'd also like to measure speed, cadence and distance - and store them in an EEPROM (see other thread). And the best time to store is when the battery is pulled.


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