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  • The displays from China just arrived.

    First I unlocked the connector and pulled back the ribbon cable.

    Unsoldering the backlight pins war no issue, since there wer only two:
    First dipping a bit fresh solder on, then heating up one by one prying the LCD off with my fingernails.
    The funny sound is the sticky tape coming loose.
    There is another strip of tape on the top that will just come off if you lever it up.

    Cleaning the holes from the backlight connectors with desoldering wick, then putting in the new display, just using the sticky tape on the top, because the lower part is already held by the solder.
    Re-solder the two pins, putting the connector back in.

    Voila! - Looks as new.

    Thanks for the tips and the link. Delivery was quicker than expected and it just went through customs without an issue.

    See the picture of the box. They even provided the connector terminals for each display...

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