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  • I'm not 100% sure, but maybe if you edited the NFCvCard as follows:

    NFCvCard.prototype.publish = function(data) {
      //wrap vCard using template data
      this._record = new Uint8Array(C.HEADER.length + data.length + C.TERM_TLV.length);
      this._record.set(C.HEADER, 0);
      this._record.set(data, C.HEADER.length);
      this._record.set(C.TERM_TLV, C.HEADER.length + data.length);
      //inject NDEF Message length
      this._record[C.ML_OFFSET] = C.RECORD_HEADER_LEN + data.length;
      //inject payload length
      this._record[C.PL_LSB_OFFSET] = data.length;
      this._record.set("\x00\x00\xE1\x10\x6D\x­00\x03\x00\xFE\x00", 0x0A);
      //publish new vCard

    but that's a total guess I'm afraid


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