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  • @Robin yeah 3-D. Right. With 128x64 B/W. ;-)

    Yes, it seems Backlight is built into the LCD. I could order different colors of Screen and Backlight.
    Gordons datasheet also mentions the LED color (green) and A and K connections (however, they seem not to pins on the ribbon cable...).

    Meanwhile I got a quote via above alibaba link: USD 18 postage to Germany, so I ordered 4 pieces for USD 2 each + 1.30 PayPal fee = USD 27,30 (+tax probably)

    So if anyone needs another spare in Europe, I may forward one or two of my units...

  • Tue 2019.11.05

    While my 3D comment was half in jest @ChristianW I wasn't sure if your response was to the resolution of the display, or the technology actually working that way.

    Back in the eighties, our company secured a few 2"x3" LCD demos, (remember the resistive Zebra strips @allObjects that bound the glass to the copper circuit board?) around ~$200 USD then and cobbled together a shutter type solution. Yes it wasn't Oculus Rift quality, which was thirty years into the future anyway, but it was cool to see isometric views in 3D.

    Unable to find the articles we had then as that was pre-Internet, but this is close to how the glasses functioned:­/264849145_Shutter_Glasses_Stereo_LCD_wi­th_a_Dynamic_Backlight


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