• Unfortunately, I must have caused a problem with my flash, and I need help returning to a stable state. After a hard 10 second reset, I can connect my puck in the IDE, then with the same connection settings as above, I send the following code to my Puck:

    I2C1.setup({scl:D2, sda:D1, bitrate:100000});
    const MPU = require("MPU6050").connect(I2C1);
    var DMP = require("MPU6050_DMP").create(MPU,3);
    function getData() {
      var data = DMP.getData();
      if(data !== undefined) console.log(data);
    setInterval(getData, 1000);

    This code worked yesterday, but now I'm seeing an error:

    Uncaught InternalError: Timeout on jshFlashWrite
    at line 1 col 1078
    New interpreter error: FIFO_FULL

    Then I get a red bar
    Prompt not detected - upload failed. Trying to recover...

    and nothing else.. any advice?


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