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  • Mon 2019.11.04

    'If not, I can still use it with my Puck or Pico I guess.'

    Hey @ChristianW while that would be a cool upgrade for either of those devices, have an even better idea for a winter project.

    As the ordered board has pads for wires, what about creating a stereoscopic display as a sister to one of the other Pixl's, such that there is a left eye and right eye separately viewable system that could rapidly flip images between the displays, thereby creating the 3-D stereoscopic view.

    You would have the world's first Espruino driven 3-D stereo viewer and of course rightful ownership to the corresponding project within the 'Projects' forum area. ;-)

    Might extend your bicycle computer project for use when the weather won't allow for actual bicycling, simulating (although rather crude) a 3-D terrain!


    "The only LED available on Pixl.js is the backlight"

    Q: So, is the backlight LED integral to the LCD display itself, or a separate part all together?

    The link I supplied really doesn't answer this (and I haven't afforded the time to peek at spec yet)
    Still researching, but asking seems to be the easiest ;-)


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