• I'm able to use the MPU6050 module correctly on my Puck

    I2C1.setup({scl:D2, sda:D1, bitrate:100000});
    const MPU = require("MPU6050").connect(I2C1);

    But if I then add the MPU6050_DMP,
    var DMP = require("MPU6050_DMP").create(MPU,3);

    New interpreter error: LOW_MEMORY,MEMORY
    Uncaught Error: Function "initialize" not found!
    at line 1 col 33
    in function "b" called from line 1 col 10
    new b(a,d)
    in function "create" called from line 1 col 46
    var DMP = require("MPU6050_DMP").create(MPU,3);
    Uncaught SyntaxError: Got '?' expected EOF
    at line 1 col 1

    Does anyone know if the MPU6050_DMP works on Puck? Am I just running out of memory? Is there a workaround to get this module loaded onto Puck? Thanks

  • MPU6050_DMP is a large module even min version is about 11KB. Not sure if this will work on a Puck.


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