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  • Thr 2019.10.31

    Hello @davem and thank you for supporting Espruino with official supported devices.

    Providing the link is an excellent idea, keeping us all on the same page.

    While I wont be the individual to resolve an adjustment, lets collect a bit of information for others reading on this unusual situation.

    'Espruino Wifi runs really hot'

    Shouldn't be the case.

    I haven't heard of a bad production board yet, but the law of averages implies there might be a rogue one out there.

    Lets look into how the board is powered. Describe the supply and connection pin detail please. Are there any peripheral devices attached, and how are they connected? The possibility of a battery supply and the use of a USB cable at the same time?

    Any chance an image could be included here?

    '1) when the sample wifi code (­-to-an-ap) is run, I get this:'

    What are the results of running non-WiFi code (say, display a counter inside a loop) on the WiFI immediately after connecting the WebIDE? Does the device run without error? What is the perceived temperature of the chip then?

    Would you mind posting the results of process.env and process.memory() please. To confirm accurate flash and Espruino running. Might help with our perception of the heat issue with and without WiFi code running.

    Has a close inspection of the pad solder points been done to see if there is a solder splash short? Again, an image would assist if one is able to get the focus right. I know that may be tough though.


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