• @Robin thanks for your reply.

    My code is still in early stages. Advertising a CSC and battery service already works as far as I can check with NRF toolbox on my phone.
    I also successfully connected some I2C modules for voltage and current measurement (energy monitoring of my Lipo on-board battery block for light) and RTC (which is a bit bulky but somehow works too).

    The output is the lines "Bluetooth" being written to the LCD when a BLE central (phone or laptop) connects or disconnects like you can see here: https://youtu.be/pawHDr4i3jI?t=126

    It is the same output written when you just see the boot screen and no code is loaded.

    But it still seems to happen with my code running and somehow interferes with my "g" screen outputs. It will disappear on the next update interval with g.clear() and g.flip() but you will notice it as a flicker sometimes.


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