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  • Wed 2019.10.30

    Welcome back from your respite @ChristianW

    Is there a tutorial being used that will assist us to follow along? Link please.

    I will defer to others, but until they respond, is that output intentional or is it a possible error being reported?

    re: 'sometimes output shows up for a fraction of a second'

    Beneath heading 'LCD Screen'

    "Any errors generated when there is no connection will also be displayed on the LCD."

    Are there any Espruino commands that are outside functions, that would be executed on upload, before the E.on('init') fires?­it

    'can it be disabled or avoided?'

    From tutorial below heading 'Tutorials', use of g.clear() function perhaps?­ure+Display

    also from same link below heading 'Graphics'

    What about clearing an off screen area, then flip that into view?


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