• Fri 2019.10.25

    'the real count is actually 67,786 bytes'

    Two observations:

    1) 67786 is greater than 65535 - might be a factor

    2) From #15 available JsVars 3995 (understood that program may have grown in the last week)

    67786 / 16 = 4237

    What is the program usage, and/or free space before the data fetch? (on EspruinoWiFi not via Node.js)

  • Well, I'm not storing any of this data, just accumulating the byte count, so there's no 16-bit limitation involved, in my code anyway. Regarding free space, it's no different than my comment here.

    At this point, I'm hoping Gordon will be able to reproduce the problem on his end using the sample data I provided.