• This was all explained in this thread which you were involved in, but I'll point it all out here to be totally clear:

    • It seems Web Bluetooth updates don't work for Windows, either via the browser or Native IDE - I believe they did at some point in the past, but not now.
    • Web Bluetooth updates do work on Linux, Mac, Android and Chromebook
    • Pairing in Windows has no effect. The bootloader's BLE name is 'DfuTarg' so you won't expect to see it in the normal IDE's connection options.
    • Yes, the option should be disabled in Windows - however none of the instructions for firmware updates instruct you to use the Web IDE. Everything is open source so you are willing to contribute a change for this if it bothers you. edit: I have now disabled Web Bluetooth updates for windows
    • The bootloader is fine, your board is not bricked. You just need to re-flash the firmware successfully.
    • There is no UART bootloader. You have to update via Bluetooth LE
    • By far the easiest option is to follow the instructions on http://www.espruino.com/Puck.js#firmware¬≠-updates with an Android or iOS phone or tablet

    I understand that you don't have a smartphone. Do you have a tablet? Do you know anyone with a smartphone that you can borrow?

    I'm pretty sure this has come up previously and you did manage to update firmware on Puck or a Pixl. What did you do then?


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