• Ahhh, but I followed the instruction:

    "Normal Firmware Update"
    "Just click the button below and follow the on-screen instructions."

    re: 'Not really...'

    Why provide the trap at all? Any beginner will follow the same instruction for 'Normal' as did I.

    nRF-Connect doesn't recognize the device either.

    So, . . .

    Tried online Web Bluetooth Secure DFU from post #9 from link in post #1 above

    but don't even make it as far (32768 bytes) as @AkosLukacs did (270336) in post #10 same link

    Might be relevant 32768 == 0x8000

    From Chrome console when stalled: DOMException

    found DFU service
    web.html:140 found 2 characteristic(s)
    web.html:140 found packet characteristic
    web.html:140 found control characteristic
    web.html:140 enabled control notifications
    web.html:140 transferring init
    web.html:140 init packet already available, skipping transfer
    web.html:140 transferring firmware
    web.html:140 written 32768 bytes
    web.html:1 Uncaught (in promise) DOMException

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