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  • Ok, so I think now you've got the 1.5.4 firmware MDNS should work, but it needs turning on - it's not in the Espruino drivers because the ESP8266 they ship with doesn't have it.

    The actual command handbook is here:­files/documentation/4a-esp8266_at_instru­ction_set_en.pdf

    wifi.setHostname calls AT+CWHOSTNAME, which is to do with WiFi rather than DNS, so I don't think is what you want.

    I believe this will work:

    wifi.enableMDNS = function(hostname, callback) {
      turnOn(MODE.CLIENT, function(err) {
        if (err) return callback(err);
        at.cmd("AT+MDNS=1,"+JSON.stringify(hostn­ame)+',"http",80\r\n',500,function(d) {
    /// then wifi is connected do
    wifi.enableMDNS("foobar",function() {
     ... done

    And you should be able to find your Espruino WiFi as foobar.local


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