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  • Rather than create a new post, I'll add on to this old one...

    So is mDNS implemented on the Espruino Wifi? In short, what functionality is currently available to discover services via mDNS or mDNS-SD, and to be discovered? And what code do I need to write? Thanks!

  • Sun 2019.10.20

    'So is mDNS implemented on the Espruino Wifi?'

    See post #8 "next batch of WiFi boards . . . "

    My take on this would be not yet, that is boards currently ship with 0v40, given the comment is only three months ago.

    But, the link in #9 suggests the 8266 may be upgraded to 1v54 using esptool following the instructions there.

    'what functionality is currently available'

    I searched the 'Reference' page and found a note beneath:­_getHostname

    If one clicks on the Right-Facing arrow to the right of the heading there, that hyperlinks to the source which is at:­b/master/libs/network/jswrap_wifi.c#L483­

    The notes within the source, mirror the note beneath the above heading. I observe the conflicting comment and conditional #if also.


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