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  • I've modified the code to not try to connect if wifi status is "connecting". I've also modified it so that it won't try to reconnect MQTT if WIFI is disconnected. While connected with USB, I've tried starting and stopping my WIFI and/or my MQTT server so that I can see the printout from the ESP32. I'm noticing a few errors I'm hoping someone can clarify what the following errors are:

    E (265203) event: post event to user fail!
    E (268048) event: post event to user fail!
    E (270893) event: post event to user fail!
    E (455363) event: post event to user fail!

    I get the following after reseting:

    WARNING: gap set scan error code = 103
    WARNING: set rssi scan not implemeted yet

    Also, I've noticed the device go into a state where the Wifi status is "NO_AP_FOUND" and it wouldn't reconnect. Once I disconnected power and re-connected then the WIFI was able to reconnect.

  • Mon 2019.10.14

    Thank you for the above postings @dwinfiel

    Are we still dealing with a memory leak? If so,

    would you please load your code and re-run process.memory(); posting the results of each interval after several iterations. We would be seeking the value of ':free' to observe how much space is available for Espruino to do it's thing while running, and also if there is in fact a perceived leak after several events have been confirmed.    or, . . . maybe run the above snippet inside a setInterval() and using console.log() to directly output to the Left-Hand console side of the WebIDE.

    Errors indicated above #6 are unknown to me.

    'does not re-connect on it's own (if I say reboot my WIFI router)'

    What logic is being used to reboot or dis-connect/re-connect when just the router is rebooted? Has a sufficient time interval been used to allow internal WiFI workings to settle?


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