• The espruino_2v04_puckjs.zip file is not working for me. I even went and installed 2v03 to make sure it was not updating and that I was doing it properly. 2v03 worked just fine. That master branch version of 2v04 does not. The NRF Connect app says "Starting DFU" then immediately says "disconnecting..."

    I also wanted to say that I am using web-bluetooth to connect to the characteristic. Here is my code for that:

    connectClick(event) {
            console.log('clicked', event);
                filters: [{
                    services: [0xabcd],
            .then(device => {
                console.log("requested", device);
                return device.gatt.connect();
            .then(server => {
                console.log('got server', server);
                return server.getPrimaryService(0xabcd);
            .then(service => {
                console.log('got service', service);
                service.getCharacteristic(0xAB40).then(c­haracteristic => {
                service.getCharacteristic(0xAB41).then(c­haracteristic => {
                }).catch(error => {
                    console.log('error', error);
        handleCharacteristicValueChanged(event) {
            var enc = new TextDecoder("utf-8");
            var value = event.target.value;
            console.log('Received ' + enc.decode(value))
            // TODO: Parse Heart Rate Measurement value.
            // See https://github.com/WebBluetoothCG/demos/­blob/gh-pages/heart-rate-sensor/heartRat­eSensor.js
        startListeningForTime(characteristic) {
            .then(char => {
                console.log('notification started', char)
                // Writing 1 is the signal to reset energy expended.
                char.addEventListener('characteristicval­uechanged', this.handleCharacteristicValueChanged.bi­nd(this));

    Just wanted to make sure that I should not be able to access that without entering a passkey if it is working.