• First error is because Robin is using the Native IDE on a computer without Web Bluetooth - the library I made to handle BLE communications only handles UART, not DFU. I've filed a bug to disable the Web IDE update option in that case.

    there is no OTA recovery partition in the Puck, right?

    No, but it can't blow the bootloader up if it fails, so you should always be able to restart the bootloader and reflash.

    the Puck was working after a reboot

    It'd be great if you could see what was going on with the sniffer. I guess it's possible that the windows Web Bluetooth implementation doesn't properly yield to the OS, and it could be fixed by adding some timeouts.

    Does this work for you? https://thegecko.github.io/web-bluetooth­-dfu/examples/web.html

    If so I might just be able to update the DFU implementation.

  • Something is not right with that too: did progress up to a point, opening the console revealed an exception (screenshots attached). Tried it in Edge and Chrome, same behaviour.

    But looks like the link you sent continues the DFU from the previous fail point.
    Sent you an email with wireshark captures.


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