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  • ...there 'was once' the Read Bear DUO IoT board... and it was 'wildly' praised to have (also) JavaScript support - and it had it 'mildly' - just to rhyme w/ 'wildly'... but the guy never really followed thru after a start w/ 1v86 lest kept up... he used it only as a marketing tool in a cheap way... readbear also moved/was sold/got taken over/disappeared (products are discontinued), so I do not know if I ever would move towards that platform (see­l - if that url is still up - github is though still there - - but has a lot of dead links, and so do google search results).

    You follow best @Gordon suggestions... Espruino-Wifi is a very strong platform and has the means to do SSL / HTTPS (because it has sufficient memory for handling/holding certificates) - and pair it up with some BLE solution... any Espruino BLE will do excellent, because you have then not to worry to get resource constrained while communicating (3(+) cores). Communication issues are the worst and most difficult to resolve.


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