• Sun 2019.10.06

    At it again, but still struggling. Followed the step-by-step VSCode WSL terminal window entry using the lines beneath the 'for Espruino' heading, starting with:

    rgc@DESKTOP-R7T0VUC:/mnt/c/Users/robin$ cd ~

    sudo apt-get update

    Am able to edit a .c file and observe that it changes the local file at:


    and, Python installed correctly this time along with git and pip

    but, running the make command line, isn't providing a .hex file in:
    make clean && make


    Confirming the above is the folder where the .hex and .bin files will end up?


    Is this terminal window output what is observed during the 'Rookie' mistake? That is, the install is still in the wrong location?

    Just tried BOARD=PICO_R1_3 make

    rgc@DESKTOP-R7T0VUC:~/source/repos/githu­b/espruino/Espruino$ BOARD=PICO_R1_3 make
    CC /home/rgc/source/repos/github/espruino/E­spruino/targetlibs/stm32f4/lib/startup_s­tm32f401xx.o
    make: arm-none-eabi-gcc: Command not found
    Makefile:763: recipe for target '/home/rgc/source/repos/github/espruino/­Espruino/targetlibs/stm32f4/lib/startup_­stm32f401xx.o' failed
    make: *** [/home/rgc/source/repos/github/espruino/­Espruino/targetlibs/stm32f4/lib/startup_­stm32f401xx.o] Error 127

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