• Looks like you don't have python (and possibly other things) installer in your WSL. Did you install the required software?https://github.com/espruino/Espruino/blo­b/master/README_Building.md#for-espruino­

    To keep things tidy in Windows10, I attempted cd~ as in step 3 from
    AkosLukacs #8 But that placed the contents in the 'Users' folder, and
    code isn't easily backed up as compared to when within the 'Documents'

    I changed that to cd Documents then ran the git clone instruction

    So from the Windows point of view, the cloned files are now at

    and from WSL are at /mnt/c/Users/robin/Documents/Espruino

    You can try that, but bash scripts failed for me if I didn't clone to a WSL-only path.

  • Tue 2019.10.01

    BINGO! @AkosLukacs, that appears to be what was missed!

    While in the vain attempt to not make the 'Rookie' mistake, I introduced and now own today's 'Knucklehead' award. As I installed Python as I have always done, I was convinced scripts were running within VSCode. Never could get passed the following line though:

    'and follow the Linux instructions :)'   (bullet 6 from previous mentioned link #8)

    Was wondering what the 'Linux' reference was.

    Then today, . . . Aaahhhhh, now the following line makes sense now:

    The page I grabbed was the first one below. Note the subtle page name difference!


    The link from #2 above


    Although I haven't followed through, a task for this weekend, I'm sure that will get me back on track.

    'but bash scripts failed for me if I didn't clone to a WSL-only path'

    Are you able to suggest a 'WSL-only' path, and where Windows then places the repository in the Windows file space then?

    I believe the intent is still to create a folder using the Terminal window inside VSCode, and then install Python there?


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