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    Spin off from suggestions in a completely separate thread topic started at:


    From that link,
    A special Thank You @Wilberforce #6, @Gordon #17, and @AkosLukacs #8 for the step-by-step detail.

    Had a bit of down time to make my first pass attempt, and quite frankly a bit overwhelmed, mostly from new terms and new language obstacles not having experience with WSL, Linux, Python and VSCode. Made tremendous progress thanks to @AkosLukacs, but still stuck at a possible basic setup issue.


    Should I execute from the terminal window within VSCode:

    Terminal >> Run Active File

    > Executing task: echo Hello <
    Terminal will be reused by tasks, press any key to close it.

    So, first guess is that VSCode is allowing WSL to function.

    Then on to executing a Python file in the same manner.

    Should I execute from the terminal window BOARD=PICO_R1_3 make

    Terminal >> Run Build Task

    rgc@DESKTOP-R7T0VUC:/mnt/c/Users/robin/D­ocuments/Espruino$ /mnt/c/Users/robin/Documents/Espruino/sc­ripts/build_board_json.py
    -bash: /mnt/c/Users/robin/Documents/Espruino/sc­ripts/build_board_json.py: /usr/bin/python: bad interpreter: No such file or directory
    rgc@DESKTOP-R7T0VUC:/mnt/c/Users/robin/D­ocuments/Espruino$ BOARD=PICO_R1_3 make
    /bin/sh: 1: python: not found
    make: Nothing to be done for 'all'

    But, the Python script ran, so the Python Extension for VSCode should be functioning. (only uninstall visible) and the file build_board_json.py is present from the clone process.

    So, it appears I'm stuck at the same 'Rookie' mistake, @AkosLukacs warns about perhaps?

    To keep things tidy in Windows10, I attempted cd ~ as in step 3 from AkosLukacs #8
    But that placed the contents in the 'Users' folder, and code isn't easily backed up as compared to when within the 'Documents' folder

    I changed that to cd Documents then ran the git clone instruction

    So from the Windows point of view, the cloned files are now at C:\Users\robin\Documents\Espruino\

    and from WSL are at /mnt/c/Users/robin/Documents/Espruino

    Also looked over @JumJum 's 'C' extension tutorials for hints ideas etc


    The obvious stand out to anyone?


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