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  • Fri 2019.08.09

    'Tx for your help!!!'

    Rx Glad to help!

    Was in your shoes two years ago, writing my first line of microcontroller code and relate to some of the frustrations you may have had.

    'I'm a dummy in this, but I was able to build my project successfully'

    How so? Started with a project concept. Accumulated parts for the project. Wired both input and output. Then coded snippets to allow that hardware to work. Dug into the nuts and bolts of specific Espruino commands. Created forum questions in order to seek a solution. Waded through the responses and 'applied' that knowledge to each task. Combined the tasks into what even you describe as a 'successful' result, . . . and all in one day!

    I'd be pretty proud of your accomplishments!!

    What kind of range is needed for the wireless part? Could build a phone app controller with WiFi or BLE, could use two WiFi devices, RF using the SX1276

    Some sample code using one device as a server station and as an access point

    The search box in the upper right hand corner of the main site is quite handy here:­6

    or even Google with the site: specifier keyword such as

    Google   connecting two wifi devices


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