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  • @Gordon, to establish and maintain connection to my MIDI device over TCP, I have to send packets with various TCP flags set. In particular, I have to initiate with a SYN, and then respond to future requests with ACK. So it goes like this:

    Me: SYN
    MIDIDevice: PSH, ACK
    Me: ACK
    MIDIDevice: PSH,ACK
    Me: ACK

    That goes on forever. I assume this is just normal keep-alive stuff for TCP connections (I haven't played with TCP at this level for a while).

    I got this data by using wireshark and watching how the A&H TCP MIDI driver connected to the mixer. The ACK back-and-forth is what goes on after they connect. When I connect with the Espruino Wifi, it connects and sits there. I assume because I have to send some establishing packet like the A&H driver did (the SYN packet).

    Any thoughts on what I'm missing?