• Mon 2019.08.05

    'Get them grounded,'

    Yeah, and I have a soldered bread board to boot. More high freq caps needed?

    I know it's getting late for you guys, thanks for the samples for me to work on as I have the rest of the day.

    Here is a possible area of contention I'll look at:

    Fr #8 L6 if (isActive) print(e.data);

    When I use typeof( e.data )    'boolean' is returned.

    Fr #15 L5 d=(d<<1)|e.data;

    Bit shifting is being performed. (Isn't the left shift done first, then the 'Or', then the assignment is performed?)

    As @AkosLukacs pointed out in #2 'and the state will be included as a 'data' field in the callback'
    As 'boolean' is returned, I've made the assumption that the 'field' was just a boolean. So how is it possible to 'Or' a boolean with a data byte in that line?

    'so I don't understand why you want a really high bitrate'

    Not absolutely needed. Have seen Arduino projects running that high though. (at least coded that way)   Me thinks others blindly start coding without checking the data sheets, then like wildfire, everyone provides a quick knock off with all the original source, also without doing their homework. Then we all wonder why code examples are as they are.

    'extending the Espruino SPI class to support slave mode'

    A nice thought, but not much call for it and I'm sure it would be at the bottom of Gordon's overloaded list right now.

    'I'm not sure Robin's up for that'

    Although I've been poking around the source to attempt to get answers, I am absolutely sure I don't possess the necessary skills, and wouldn't within at minimum, a years time, even investing full-time, but the day job gets in the way of that. Also running short on years left and that item just isn't on my bucket list.


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