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  • Hi! As you say, for MIDI you just need a Serial transmit pin.

    You're totally fine to use Espruino WiFi for that. One serial port (Serial2) is used for the Wifi, but the other one (Serial1) is totally free to use and is available on B6 - so you should be sorted.

    More info on pins here:

    Hope that's some help?

  • @Gordon wait, confusion still reigns, my fault not yours. Are you saying that Serial2 is the wifi connection on the Espruino wifi, by default? I don't understand how that would work. I have to send TCP packets over wifi that contains MIDI commands in them, because the target device is listening on TCP for MIDI data. If the target device was a serialport-listening device like normal MIDI, serial port makes sense. Please (try to) clear the fog in my brain. Thanks.

    Currently, my plan is to roll my own MIDI implementation using require('Wifi') and require('net'). And by "roll my own" I mean "just enough to get it to work".