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  • Wow, you predate me! I remember the iconic DX-7, but I went with the Roland D-50, which came out a few years later I believe. Still have it.

  • Wow, you predate me!

    Is that the new 2019's way of being polite? ;-) Yeah, where did that forty years go?

    You should see my 45's and album collection and rotary dial corded phone! The Juno-60 still works, along with that micro, but is packed away after my last move. Still play my Fender Rhodes Mark I suitcase piano.

    What are your thoughts on creating a WiFi server to solve your issue?

    I'm guessing you have the MIDI command set for the audio mixer? Shouldn't be that much of a diversion from the BLE example.

  • The target mixer manufacturer (Allen & Heath) published their MIDI spec. It uses NRPN, so minor additional complications, but it's all there.

    Re: Wifi server, I don't know yet. Coming from the world of cloud-based software, which is my day job, I think of server as a separate entity with an API and all that. All I need is a listener for MIDI (over TCP) messages from the mixer, and a sender to send the messages. Maybe your definition of server is different from mine. Feel free to expound. I'm checking out the links you provided.

    You have a suitcase Rhodes? I'm jealous! Hey you might like my son's music, he's the only kid I know making real music these days - the best of 60's and 70's sound. Check him out:­fz5HRJyYoTLfiq


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