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  • Sun 2019.08.04

    Agree @indianajones, not much excitement on the MIDI topic yet.

    Looking over:­.js
    and for WiFi­UI

    couldn't a server be created, and mimic the same methods to communicate as in the source for the BLE version? Although I don't know of a well done example, others did help me a while back. Start at the last entry and work backwards with these examples to get an idea of what would be needed.

    STA or AP mode browser unable to connect to ESP8266-12

    Sidebar: Interesting you bring up MIDI. During the mid seventies, nearly a decade before Bill Gates would be on the radar and a household name, I cobbled together (a full 8 x 10in wire wrap project - no soldering) a sequencer with an 8088 and 8255 running commands written in assembler, along with whopping 2K memory chips to a Roland Juno-60, one of the last analog synths without MIDI, all over serial RS232! This was several years before MIDI would take hold. The Yamaha DX-7 comes to mind that exploited the MIDI benefits.

  • Wow, you predate me! I remember the iconic DX-7, but I went with the Roland D-50, which came out a few years later I believe. Still have it.

  • Wow, you predate me!

    Is that the new 2019's way of being polite? ;-) Yeah, where did that forty years go?

    You should see my 45's and album collection and rotary dial corded phone! The Juno-60 still works, along with that micro, but is packed away after my last move. Still play my Fender Rhodes Mark I suitcase piano.

    What are your thoughts on creating a WiFi server to solve your issue?

    I'm guessing you have the MIDI command set for the audio mixer? Shouldn't be that much of a diversion from the BLE example.