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  • The Puck has its own JavaScript engine, so you could think of the Puck as running a Web Browser without a window.

    So if you're asking 'can I run code on the Puck itself and interact with it with buttons/pots/etc' then absolutely - that's pretty much what it's meant for.

    If you want the Puck itself to display/render a webpage via some external screen (or into an offscreen buffer) then I'm afraid that's not going to work - but it may well be that you can use the PC for rendering to the DOM, but you do all the actual 'application logic' sort of stuff in the Puck.

  • You could connect up an ESP8266 to provide the Wifi/Internet. You could then run a server on the puck with the http module I think

    See this post:­989/

    Alternatively, if you don't need Bluetooth - just Wifi, then Espruino Wifi, ESP32 and ESP8266 will all allow you to run webservers on them - you don't need to go the RPi route.


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