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  • Thanks for the help! (I work with @ukaton) You've been very helpful!

    We were able to access the motion sensor and some of the pressure sensors and make a simple demo we posted over on Twitter:Ā­/1152324107427442688

    However, due to the lack of support for the ESP32 atm, we think it's best to switch to another platform. We'd like to use a lot more features on the ESP32, and we'll definitely switch back to Espruino in the future when appropriate. We love what your platform stands for.

  • Nice & thanks for getting back!
    There is ESP32.enableWifi(false) to disable Wifi. But still didn't got a proper ADC value :(
    If you are willing to dig deeper into the datasheet, I think you can use peek 8/16/32 poke 8/16/32 to directly read and write memory addresses / registers. So theoretically you can initialize the other ADC without recompiling the firmware.
    If you have time, you can contribute to improve Espruino's ESP32 support (it's 100% community driven).

    (edit: after some digging into the Espressif's SDK & ADC2 issues, the ESP32 feels like a dual core trainwreck...)


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