• Hi all, I'm making an access portal for client to connect, using code from https://gist.githubusercontent.com/wilbe­rforce/cc6025a535b8a4c7e2910d4ba7845f11/­raw/1e119c8ce11e81b190dc368cf7bfe4f4567b­a82d/gistfile1.txt

    I tried to connect it using my iPhone, sometimes the captive portal doesn't prompt and I have to manually open iOS Chrome and fill in to load the portal page

    moreover, when I fill in the wifi info for the ESP12e, and that the ESP-12e connected to the local wifi network successfully, obtained an IP of, then something strange happened: the ESP-12e webserver no longer listen web request from, and it now only listen to, which means, my iPhone failed to have any new interaction with ESP-12e thr, which made the captive portal unresponsive, and therefore the captive portal failed to notify my iPhone that it has obtained an IP of from the local network

    as a result, I have no way to figure the ESP-12e's wifi IP address from its captive portal page :( this is bad

    how to ensure the web server listen to both wifi staton ( and AP ( ? thanks in advance


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