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  • There's definitely something a bit odd with the addresses your TELO device is advertising.

    Basically if it's advertising a public or random address, Espruino will say (like it says your PC is public). That means it's either private resolvable or non-resolvable.

    If you look at the answer here­q-a/18877/i-want-to-change-the-ble-addre­ss you'll see the bottom two bits of the LSB in the address (the first one) have to be as in the spec.

    However the LSB of the MAC varies from 28,36,12 in the examples you give. In those cases the last two bits are 00, 10, 10 - so it seems that the device is coming up with a random address, which often happens to be wrong.

    I'm not sure what to suggest really - I'm pretty sure the error comes from Nordic's internal device libraries - so literally any Bluetooth device made by Nordic would have problems connecting to your device.

    You might be able to turn off the randomisation in your TELO device though? In that case you could stick with a standard BLE address that was ok.


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