• Wanted to write some more details, but didn't have the time, so here are some bits:

    Created my own firmware based on the microbit, basically stripped out graphics & microbit specific functions plus changed the pin mapping. The board file is here

    And here is the first question: hardware I2C worked just fine, but hw SPI did not. SW SPI does work, my current guess is (didn't have time to rebuild & reflash & retry) that the Microbit board file defines SPI pins, but the LCD controller is connected to different pins, and that interferes.
    AFAIK you can use the HW SPI on any pin of the nRF, right? So if I just remove the SPI specific parts from the board file, it should be good to go?

    Oh, no, no IR, the SHT30 sits there :) There is a hole at the bottom (not visible) and at the front (the one you see) so the sensor has pretty good airflow. I don't have a better photo atm.


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