• Ooops, link to the photos is fixed now.
    Mine is a different device that has LCD & Bluetooth. There is also a whole series of zigbee Xiaomi sensors, IIRC one of those has an NXP chip. So check before buying, if anyone is interested!

    Part number is lLYWSDCGQ/01ZM Aliexpress link or search for "Xiaomi Mijia bluetooth wireless temperature and humidity sensor". Funny thing is, it's available from the Hungarian Xiaomi shop for less than banggood's price. Aliexpress was cheaper, so check prices :)

    Yeah, first couple of searches for nRF51802 resulted in nothing / older questions about this non-existent chip. Still there is no trivial direct link on Nordic's site, a search hit lead me there.

    Yes yes, saw that, that's the fallback plan :)


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