• http, Wifi and ESP8266 are Espruino firmware built-in modules. When IDE is connected, it tries to read the board specs from where it then knows which modules are part of the firmware and which are not. The ones that are not, IDE will try to pull from what ever is specified in IDE configuration / setup (with precedences).

    I assume the code snippet is uploaded from the IDE Editor, is it?

    I also assume that regarding module naming and ESP8266 firmware builds there is no difference for 2v00 and 2v01 versions. Most recent version

    With everything above, I guess something in the Espruino firmware upload to ES8266 did not make it as expected.

    See Espruino on ESP8266 ESP-09 - 1 powerful cm2 and WebServer and Chirp Sensor (moisture, temperature, light) on ESP8266 ESP-09

    I know that you most likely do not target the ESP8266 ESP-09, but that makes no difference on the level of Espruino JavaScript application code.


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