• Update: So everything has been working pretty much perfectly now, but there's just one problem. I've gone through 2 batteries over the last almost 2 months.

    The first battery I just attributed to the heavy load from all the experimentation and testing and bugs leading to infinite connect/disconnect loops. :) But the second battery did not experience anything but normal (and what should be low-drain) use as the beacon that I built it to be.

    I'm attaching a file of all the code that has been running on the puck this whole time. Maybe someone can spot something I did wrong to put an undue draw on the power. I'm already going to comment out the lightshows that happen on connect and disconnect, so that should help (although I spend a lot of time at home, so those should not be firing that much anyway) and I'll add a counter to increment on each connect and disconnect, so the next time the battery dies I can get an idea of how much activity there has been.

    But if this keeps up and there's no obvious fix, maybe I should get the pixl instead for its ability to be plugged into a wall socket for power?

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