• Hello guys !
    I'm new on this forum and beginner in using Espruino. I have some troubles with serial comminication. I'm trying to create a bridge between a TCP and Serial, on the Esp32 board (ESP-WROOM-32).

    let net = require('net');
    let port = 11000;
    Serial2.setup(9600, {
        rx: D16,
        tx: D17
    // Create NET server
    let server = net.createServer(function (socket) {
        socket.on('data', function (datas) {
            console.log("TCP RECEIVED:" + datas.toString());
           // Send datas from TCP over Serial
            console.log("SERIAL SEND :" + datas.toString());
        Serial2.on('data', function (str) {
            console.log("SERIAL RECEIVED:" + str.toString());

    The problem is when the function "Serial2.write(...)" is called, there is no longer a receiving event on "Serial2.on('data',..." when I send data to the serial.

    Before the calling, it works perfertly, but after there is no more event.

    Is there a function for data events after a write? Or do you have the same problem on your Esp32 with Espruino?

    Excuse me for my english, it's not my first language :)

    Hope you can help me


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