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  • did you flash Pixl with the new version, link provided in #6,#7 and that doesn't work?

    I did not for my colleagues pixl, because i thought there might be more to test on the shipped version – and also … it's not mine. I only flashed the development version on my pixl. Do you want me to test the development version on his pixl as well?

    Yes (functional) to development version, No (fails) to original shipped version. ??

    That's right. NFC is now working on my pixl with 2v01.69 (from the link in #6) but it did not work previously with the shipped version (2v01)

    To clarify: I just wanted to report that: I think the shipped 2v01 firmware has NFC problems on the Pixl.

  • Thank you @fiws that makes it crystal clear.

    I would assume that those numbers should be identical, no?
    So it indeed seems to be a firmware issue.

    I wanted to make sure you were up and running, but thought it was understood the firmware was to blame for the count mismatch between NFCon vs NFCoff. Your last response cleared that up. Was attempting to avoid having Gordon wake to find there was still an issue, even after testing and release of 2v01.69 then wait in wonderment pondering what might have gone wrong, while waiting for your direct response. Didn't want to waste his precious time when a clarification would clear it up.

    Do you want me to test the development version on his pixl as well?

    As you have confirmed functionality and Gordon would have done testing on the development version before upload, I doubt that further trials on your end would be needed. Will defer the final decision to him.

    Thank you for identifying the anomaly, testing the development version and updating your comments here, as I'm sure that will assist others that may have the same issue. Hope I didn't muddy the waters too much in asking for that clarification.


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