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  • Thanks - I'd be pretty sure the hardware's working then.

    I think what may have happened is there's a bug in Nordic's NFC library which means that occasionally firmware builds just don't work correctly. I was pretty sure the 2v01 firmware for Pixl.js had been tested, but it might be the issue crept in somewhere (doing the exact same build on a different computer can produce different results).

    I've just tested and if you install the firmware from­4e1cd825a2e1deff9890454b227e75c834f1f1d1­/ (which is currently the absolute latest development build) then it works great here, so hopefully it will for you as well.

  • That did the trick!

    It could have been me not holding it in the right spot in the first place to be honest, i'm not sure.
    There is still something that i don't get:

    I've started counting NFCon and NFCoff events and my stats look like this:

    on: 38
    off: 714

    is that normal? I would assume that those numbers should be identical, no?
    I get a lot of off events when my phone is near the pixl but not in the "right spot".


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