• The Puck itself will be a HID device just fine, but I guess your issue is then controlling it, because it'll already be connected to the NVidia shield (and it can only have one incoming connection at a time).

    The Puck itself can still make an outgoing BLE connection though (or could just scan for advertisements over Bluetooth), so you could put bleno on your box and work that way, but that will really hurt the power consumption - you could just use a (cheaper) MDBT42 Breakout and wire it up to get power from USB or something.

    Of course you've got a Raspberry Pi so you could just wire the MDBT42 breakout to the Pi's UART pins and control it that way.

    One more thing you could consider is to solder a Infrared receiver to Puck.js. It could then receive IR commands from your box, and then transfer those into Bluetooth HID commands for the shield.


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