• I am actually using the name without the file extension, sorry about writing it wrong in my post. [edited now]
    Even if that was the problem, it would give me an error saying it failed to load it. This loads it but then crashes on execution.

    I also run it without minification until I'm done w/development. I was developing this particular module months ago in the sandbox, and thought I was done and minified it and added it to the build. (the file in question is a board file, specifying the lower level AT commands of a custom board).

    However, I need to update the file, so I am going back to tweak it, but the sandbox version no longer works because of some error. Even without the minification, I'm still getting an error which looks similar to what closure compiler would give. (I've noticed $jscomp is a variable in the closure compiler, so I shouldn't expect to see this if my code isn't minified.)


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