• I can't get Thingy to provide a GATT service. After reading everything I could find online, I still have no idea what I could be doing wrong.

    Advertising work fine, I can see the 0x180D service in the advertisement (I'm using NRFconnect on iOS to check, but have the same effect with other tools as well).

    But when I connect only the standard UART RX and TX services are visible. Nothing else.

    The code below is taken from another stream and appeared to work on a Ruuvitag. (I've tried various versions, but without any change in effect).

      0x180D: { // heart_rate
        0x2A6E: { // heart_rate_measurement
          notify: true,
          readable: true,
          value : [0]
    }, { advertise: [0x180D], uart: false });
    var cnt = 0;
    setWatch(function() {
      if(cnt++ % 2 === 0)
        0x180D : {
          0x2A6E : {
            value : [cnt],
            notify: true
    }, BTN, { repeat:true, edge:"rising", debounce: 50 });

    The LED toggles just fine, so obviously the function gets called.

    And, yes, I do disconnect the Web Bluetooth IDE from Thingy before I check the services.

    Any help would be much appreciated!



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