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  • There was a post here last week where someone hit something that might be similar.

    You could try:

    devices = [];
    NRF.on('connect',function(addr) {
    // now connect a few times and see what's in 'devices' using the left-hand side

    On some Android phones there's a 'security feature' which basically randomises the Mac address every time the device connects, which means that the whitelisting is basically useless. It's possible it's the problem - but the above code might help.

    Your other option is to install a 'cutting edge' Espruino firmware and enable 'passkey' pairing:­330007/#14600298

    Because it's not in the 2v01 firmware it's not documented in that Security page yet, but it might do what you need?

  • Gordon,

    Your post was extremely helpful in debugging my random MAC address issue. I will flash the latest Beta firmware and enable passkey pairing.

    Thanks again!


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