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  • the colors seemed a bit off

    This could well be a side-effect of increased resistance from soap and/or corrosion on the chip's pads. I bet it'll probably run down the CR2032 a lot faster as well :) To ensure it's properly sorted you probably want to unsolder the metal shield and have a good scrub around there with an old toothbrush as well - so yeah, a new Puck is definitely the easy option!

    I should also add that other non-Adafruit distributors are available that will ship via USPS ( - for instance @Robin on here sells them via

    TC53 looks really interesting. I don't have too much free time, but how would I get involved? It seems like to join ECMA (even for a small company) would require a @€3000 per year fee, which is not something I could really afford. Even though what I do is all open source the company isn't registered as a charity, which rules out the free membership.


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