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    ' you haven't updated the firmware'

    I had re-flashed to 2.00, but that was ~ a month? ago and this worked say twenty times on that version until the start of this week.

    Thought, could the server changes made earlier this week:

    /bin/sh: 1: arm-none-eabi-gcc: not found

    Wed 2019.01.30

    Well, that didn't work and I even tried adding that code line inside the constructor to run immediately before.



    free : Memory that is available to be used (in blocks)

    Memory units are specified in 'blocks', which are around 16 bytes each

    So, as I see it, I have 1491 blocks available, rounding down for easier math 1400

    1400 x 16 = 22,400 bytes available

    I'm requesting flat strings of 256 bytes and five of 180 bytes.
    180 * 5 = 900
    900 + 256 = 1156

    Even with some allocation overhead, there should be scads of memory remaining, isn't this the case?


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